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The Champion family puts in many hours in the rod shop or on the water. All four are hands on when it comes to the family business.


Inside Thrasher Rods

Welp, that's the secret to all this isn't it. When I started this process I didn't need to know much, but I did need to assemble a team that did. Our team boasts a lifetime of rod blank design and building, aerospace and material consults, lifelong fisherman and extremely detail-oriented tradesmen. We played with unidirectional fibers, we wrapped them in different directions, angles and layers. We considered terms like Helix, triflex and quad-core, ( it's all good stuff). We also have the ability to kick some dust in our resin and call it nanotechnology—we passed. A few months into the process the correct questions were asked and it was decided to get outside the box. We decided to work with the material manufacturers, we knew they would be happy to manufacture custom prepreg materials consisting of any fibers and resins laid out to our specifications. ( I know, I know, typical high level rod manufacturer sales tactic bullshit). After a few months and many thousands we had our material and went to work. The results are in and now available to everyone. If you want to see what Thrasher's are made of, watch our rod testing videos. If you want to know what makes them the best rods on the market, sorry, that's some top-secret shit. 



Zak loves working on his next meat stick to bloody up the decks.

The Champion Family


Kirsten, Jason, Zak & Brandon